“Please Daddy. Please can I kiss your cock Daddy.”

With her classy, sexy pin-up persona,  Lacey loves a good ol’ fashioned flirty date night with a lot of cuddling, affection and DFK.

But don’t get her wrong… she has her submissive duties down pat; from fetching your coffee, to blowing you under the desk, to presenting her sweet little ass for some spanking! Have you ever has a Dominant/submissive fantasy?

Genuine submissive escorts are hard to find, and we’ve got the perfect (and very rare) submissive for you. Would you like her to call you Master, Sir or Daddy?

Make her display herself to you. Get her to kneel with her back straight, and weight balanced evenly between the her hips. Her hands should be lying on top of her thighs, palms up. Tell her to bend her knees, and spread her legs shoulder-width apart. Her legs should be wide enough for you, her Master, to see her luscious pink, dripping pussy. Fondle, and tease her if you wish…

But if Lacey displeases you. Punish her by getting her to lie on the floor face-down, with her legs spread wide (just like the naughty slut she is), with her arms behind her back. This position allows full access to tender areas of the body for punishment, and it a delicious sight for the eyes.

And perhaps… if you’re feeling generous, you’ll et her adore you.  Imagine this babyface escort kneeling on the floor beside you, while kissing and licking your feet (or boots), and uttering your praises.

Lacey even has a sexy wardrobe ready for your requests!

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Her Temperament