Introducing Katherine, our beautiful, sensual Christina Hendricks’ look-alike.

She is our top pick out of all our private escorts, and she is all the way from England, so Melbourne boys make hay while the sun shines!

You know what they say about redheads – ravenous sexual appetite, kinky to boot, and very good at playtime. All of them a bit crazy, definitely sexy as hell and unlike any other woman that a man will encounter in his sex life.

Think about this redheaded sexpot waiting for you in bed. Her red hair splayed around her smooth, silky pale skin. Her luscious, curvy body wrapped around silk sheets. She’s crawling on her hands and knees towards you, and her red wet mouth is eager for you. Stroke your hand through her coppery hair as she pleasures you.

Katherine is stunning, leggy and vivacious. With her charming British accent, killer body, thick waves of auburn red hair, and her full breasts, you’ll be extending and extending your time with Katherine.

And you know what they say about private escorts – hot, wild and totally kinky under the sheets! But don’t miss out – Katherine’s going back to the UK soon

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Her Temperament