Looking for a good-time gal, with a playful, vibrant and genuine attitude?

Pretty Celine is the best of the best of GFE escorts – she provides an uncrushed, genuine and steamy GFE.

She’ll prepare all day for your appointment arrival. Every detail will be attended to – she’ll bring wine, cheese, chocolate, and scented candles. She’ll be dressed to tease your senses. Tucked into her thick shiny hair, is freshly picked flower, for that wholesome look.

Before she rings your door bell, she’ll slid her hands down  her hips and then back up again. She’s so excited to pamper you, that she can’t help but slowly moved her hands across her belly and then slipped them down into her panties.

Let Candice greet you with a slow and passionate kiss; with her lips lingering and nibbling on your neck, and shoulders. Let her take you by the hand, and without a word or a second thought, lead you into the house… all the while reaching down your pants and massaging your swollen shaft.

   Let Candice look deep into your eyes, and slowly and silently, undressed you. She will kiss you all the way down your body. Your lips, your neck, your collar bone, your chest, and when she gets to your nipples, she brushed her tongue over them and lingered there for a few extra seconds…

Treat yourself with the very best of GFE escorts – Candice does not clock-watch, manipulate, or charge for extras. Celine can play the retro vamp, or pin-up girl, but she’s best at playing the sweet, fresh baby doll that hangs on your every word, swoons at your every action, and gives you undivided attention.

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Her Temperament