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Meet Mistress Miranda. Grade-A Dominatrix. She’s training a few newbie Dommes and looking for a man to tie up and tease.

Miranda will show up at your place, leaning against the exterior wall with one scarlet stiletto heel up against the brick wall. Her gaggle of Melbourne-Escorts-In-Training behind her.

Her lean, lithe body wrapped in a shiny, tight black PVC dress,with the lace panels at the sides, giving a tantalising view of the smooth bare flesh. Disgracefully short (just a few inches from her taut bottom), and zipped up the front. The other Mistresses-In-Training eager to begin…

Tonight, Mistress Miranda is in a hog-tying mood. Let her bound you securely by the wrists behind your back with silky white rope. Then she’ll tie your ankles together… exposing your nipples, torso, and cock completely and helpless accessible for our Melbourne Escorts.

She might give your cock a few soft side-to-side kicks with the side of her shoe, and she laughed as your cock starts to harden. Pathetic, aren’t you? Now let Mistress Miranda strap you into a chastity device, while she spits, and pisses all over your worthless body…

Mistress Miranda has more than 10 years of experience being a dominatrix, and loves to give an extreme show. None of this be gentle, go slow, and be nice. She has her own great range of adult toys and torture implements to show you; from restraints, gags, whips, vibes, dildos to anal toys.

Get your mind into the gutter, and dream up of your filthiest scenario and live them out with Mistress Miranda.

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Her Temperament


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