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Imagine sitting in a beautiful Italian restaurant with this beautiful Melbourne call girl next to you. She moves her hand onto your thigh, inching slowly higher up your leg. She massages your upper thigh, and slowly your swollen balls. While she does this, she encourages you to slip your hand up her (very) short dress.

You realise that she isn’t wearing any knickers.

Nadine leans over, and whispers in your ear ‘Just wait till get back, I’ve got an even better surprise for you!’

After the meal, you both race to the car, and you grab her hair in your fists, and pull her towards you for a deep, hungry kiss. Nadine’s kiss is soft and tender, and she nibbles a little on your lip, and pushes her tongue hungrily into your mouth. Her hot kisses move from your mouth, along the side of your face, to your ear, and down your neck.

You give her perfect little ass a tight squeeze, and she moans appreciatively. She stops kissing, and stares deeply into your eyes. You can see how much wants you; how desperately turned on she is.

Nadine pushes your hand in between her legs, and as you feel how wet she is, she rocks her hips back and forth, moaning your name. You can hear her panting, as you slide your fingers in and out of her slick, wet, hot hole…

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